Members Directory

  • Sandra Greenfield
    Company Name CampusStore
    University Front Range Community College - Larimer
  • Suzanne Andrews
  • Brian Groves
    Company Name University of Colorado Bookstore
  • Tara Dyer
    Company Name Aims College Bookstore
  • John Parry
    Company Name Colorado State University Bookstore
  • Michael Clarke
    Company Name Auraria Higher Education Center Bookstore
  • Misty Eaton
    Company Name University of Wyoming Bookstore
  • Sandra Rodman
    Company Name Trinidad State Junior College - Trek-Inn Bookstore
  • Mary Cook Duarte
    Company Name Colorado Mountain College - Timberline Campus Bookstore
  • Suzne Karbowski
    Company Name Western Nebraska Community College - Cougar Bookstore
  • Brock Baseggio
    University Northeastern Junior College
  • Anita Ertle
    Company Name Morgan Community College Bookstore
    University Morgan Community College
  • Teri S. Haus
    Company Name Western State Colorado University Bookstore
    University Western State Colorado University
  • Jacque Bedore
  • Connie Kerns
    Company Name Barton County Community College Bookstore
  • Nick Schmidt
    Company Name Pikes Peak Community College Bookstore/Centennial
  • Paul Deniston
    Company Name University of Colorado Colorado Springs Bookstore
  • Marlin Kinzer, CCR
    Company Name RockerShop
    University South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Cheryl Watts
    Company Name Front Range Community College - Front Range Bookstore
  • Daniel Watkins
    Company Name UWM Bookstore
    University University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee