How to Add Media to Posts/Pages

The following guide details how to add Powerpoint presentations to the RMSBA WordPress site. This is also applicable to adding any sort of media to the site and showing that media in a page or post.


  1. Click here to create a new page. (There is a similar option for creating a post under the Post tab)
  2. Enter an appropriate title for the page/post
  3. Click here to add new media to the website library. You must first upload all content to the site before you include it within any page/post. See below for further elaboration of this step.
  4. Enter any text content you would like to have appear. This is also the area where you will see your media link. Anything inside of an "a" link tag will only show as a link to download media. In order to display media within the page the media link must be put into an "iframe" tag.
  5. Page Level Restriction is used to limit who can see your post/page.
    • Leave this alone if you want it visible to the entire internet.
    • To only be visible to logged in users with an account choose "level #1 or higher"
    • To only be visible to admin choose "level #8 or higher"
  6. Always preview your edits before you push a change to ensure it looks how you want on the site.
  7. Click "Publish" to deploy your page/post to the World Wide Web!


  • 3a. If your file does not already exist in the Media Library, click here to upload your files
  • 3b. Then you can upload your files either through dragging the file onto the page or searching with "Select Files"
  • 3c. Selecting "Insert Into Page" will insert your media into the page into an appropriate HTML tag depending on the file type. PDFs will automatically be put into an "a" link tag, pictures go into an "img" tag, etc.